Spectrum - Real-time AWS monitoring dashboard, built on CloudWatch
Incase of any query, email us on gaurav@spectrumapp.io or call us on +91-9911-951-949
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Real-Time Monitoring of AWS Services

Built on AWS CloudWatch

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Why use Spectrum ?

Get notified everywhere (SMS, Email & Push Notifications) without any configuration
Track multiple AWS accounts simultaneously
Get updated instantly with just a glance at the Dashboard

How to Set up ?

Enter your AWS Credentials
Create a new product on Spectrum and enter your AWS IAM User credentials with full CloudWatch access.

* You can add more than one AWS accounts to monitor multiple products.
Copy our magic URL to AWS SNS
Create an SNS Topic (give it any name) and create a HTTPS Subscription to our magic URL. Configure your CloudWatch alarm to send a Notification to this AWS Topic on Alarm and OK state.

Start getting realtime alerts!
Thats it! Start monitoring your AWS services on Spectrum Dashboard, Push Notification, Email and SMS(for India as of now). Now, you can also monitor through your Android phone by downloading Spectrum app from Play Store.

Incase something doesn't work, email us on gaurav@spectrumapp.io