Spectrum - Real-time AWS monitoring dashboard, built on CloudWatch
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Setup Guide Steps

Select Region - 1
SNS Topic - 2
CloudWatch Alarms - 3
IAM User - 4
Monitoring - 5
(optional) Notification - 6
Select Region - 1
SNS Topic - 2
CloudWatch Alarms - 3
IAM User - 4
Monitoring - 5
(optional) Notification - 6

Step 1: Select Region

Switch to the AWS Region in which your service (server instance, incase of EC2) have been initiated.

Step 2: Simple Notification Service(SNS) Topic

  • Goto Simple Notification Service inside your AWS console.
  • Create a new topic by clicking Create Topic, with any credentials. (Ideally, just use "Spectrum" for both)
  • Create a new Subscription by clicking Create Subscription with Protocol as "HTTPS" and Endpoint as https://spectrumapp.io/monitor.
  • SNS will automatically verify the subscription. (If it doesn't, just click the refresh button after a couple of seconds)

Step 3: CloudWatch Alarms:

  • Goto CloudWatch inside your AWS console.
  • Go to Alarms, and then click on Create Alarm button.

Select a metric

  • Select a Category. Common examples include EC2, S3 and more.
  • Select a Metric and click Next button. Common examples include CPU Utilization metric inside EC2 category.
You can create more mertics to add in CloudWatch, using below methods.
  • CloudWatch provides some additional metrics for EC2 instances via a Python script. Click here.
  • You can even create your own custom metrics and alarms on CloudWatch. Click here.
  • You can use CloudWatch and Route53 to monitor your website’s uptime. Click here.

Define an alarm

  • Name: Any string, generally the metric name, like CPU Utilization, Disk Usage and more.
    You can categorize these alarm by adding "[category_name]" after the alarm name and we will categorize these alarms as per your category name.
  • Description: Any relevant information you would like to add.
  • Benchmark: Specify the alarm criteria. In our example, it could be 80% CPU Utilization.
  • Treat missing data as: Set it to good (not breaching threshold), to avoid false alarms.
  • Actions:
    • Add a notification, for "ALARM" state, and select the above-created SNS topic for notifications.
    • Add a notification by clicking + Notification button, for "OK" state, and select the above-created SNS topic for notifications.

Repeat the above process for all new and existing alarms you may have for all categories and metrics you would like to monitor.

Step 4: IAM User

To retrieve Account ID

  • Click on your username in the navbar and then click My Account.
  • There will be your Account Id under the section with heading Account Settings.

To retrieve Access Key and Secret Key

  • Goto IAM inside your AWS console.
  • Go to Users, and then click on Add User button.
  • Details: Add the User Name as "spectrum" and enable Programmatic access. Click Next: Permission.
  • Permission: Click on Attach existing policies directly then search and select "CloudWatchFullAccess" from the list below. Click Next: Review.
  • Review: Review the details and click Create User to move forward.
  • Complete: Note down the Access Key and Secret Keys carefully somehwere and/or download the .csv file. Click Close.
  • Warning:
    This is the only time you will get this option from aws and you it will be unable get these keys at any later stage.
  • You have successfully created the user, and now it will be listed in the Users tab.

Step 5: Monitoring

Product Setup

  • Add the above-created AWS account credentials on Spectrum using Add Product Form.


  • Monitor all your alarms in one screen and get notifications when the alarm's state changes.

Add Member

  • Click the gear icon on the right side of the product box and click on Add Member button.
  • Just enter the email of your team member, and they will be invited via email.

Thats it! Now you can start monitoring your server in real-time. Below steps are optional.

Step 6: Notification (optional)

Go to the Edit Profile section, using the top right corner dropdown menu.

SMS Notifications(Indian Customers Only)

  • Enter your 10 digit mobile number and verify it using OTP sent to you.
  • Enable the SMS Notification in the Notification Section.

Web Push Notifications

  • Enable the Web Push Notification in the Notification Section.
  • Your browser will prompt you to enable Push Notifications from Spectrum. Click Allow.

Mobile Push Notifications

  • Download the Spectrum app for Android from Play Store.
  • Login to your Spectrum account from the app.
  • Grant permissions to the app to send you push notifications.
If something doesn't work as per the steps above or there's anything else we can help you with, please email us on gaurav@spectrumapp.io